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Hi – I am Froggy, I am a happy Frog. I love to visit new places and see new things! I created Froggy Adventures to share my adventures with you. I look good in green.


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Froggy at Old Mission Control

Houston, we have liftoff.


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Yikes a Monster!

Monsters are scarry.


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Use the Force!

Uhh Ohh. The dark side of the Force. Help me Obi Won Kanobi.


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Froggy looking up at the World Trade Center

Looking at the New World Trade Center in New York – that is a tall building.


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Froggy at the Empire State Building

I am at the top of the Empire State Building in New York – Wow this is high up!


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Froggy Getting Ready To Fly

Getting ready for my flight at Van Nuys Airport (VNY).



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Froggy and Lebron’s Jersey

Look it’s a Lebron James Jersey!


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Nike Elite Socks

Nike Elite Socks – really helps me jump.


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Froggy at Griffith Observatory

Getting ready to look at the stars in the sky.


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Froggy in Times Square

Times Square – it’s up to you New York!


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Uh Oh, the Lights Are Out

The lights went out. I am scared.


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Getting to the Superdome

Hopping into the Superdome for the Super Bowl in New Orleans.


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